The Room Upstairs

Sandi Goddard’s Room Upstairs is a series of monthly networking events that provide business and professional women with a friendly, inclusive, environment where you can hear great speakers, add to your knowledge, develop your contacts and build relationships.

You are welcome to our lunches and dinners in London and our lunches in Surrey.

Our guests represent the gamut of businesses and professions headed by clever & inspirational women: legal, financial, IT, creative, management, digital, change, coaching and all points between. Whether you are the director of an international organisation, a senior City professional or setting up a first business, you all have something to share!

Your feed-back has let us know how successful these contacts can be. A sale rarely happens at a first meeting, so we emphasise the importance of building strong relationships based on trust and friendship; for that reason we keep the numbers to around 30 and work hard to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed!

Guests are encouraged to ask for that impossible introduction, advice or other dream request. And we send you the contact details and request information, by email, of all those you met on the day.

And if you are in the professions, some of these events may count towards your CPD.